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Our Purpose

This program has been developed to decrease the probability that a residents underlying psychiatric problems will infringe upon the rights of others or result in future criminal behavior which will endanger society. The minimum expectation of the program is that the resident will develop the educational, vocational and independent living skills necessary to function as an adult. Most importantly, the program provides an environment in which self esteem is enhanced and depression is reduced through consistency and stability. For residents whose social skills are inadequate, there is an opportunity to participate in structured peer-group activities and interaction. Therapeutic services give residents a better understanding of themselves and teach alternative behaviors to cope with overwhelming stress and abandonment issues. We work with the State Department of vocational rehabilitation to ensure the each adolescent resident receives appropriate vocational evaluation and training.


The Needs

Building a Better Future

Children require stability and continuity in their lives to become productive adults. Children who have been removed from their homes as the result of abuse or neglect often exhibit low self esteem, unpredictable behavior, violent episodes, substance abuse, mood swings and relationship problems. Without intervention, it is likely that they will not develop the necessary skills for a fruitful adulthood.


Our Clients

Making a Difference One Child at a Time

The children and adolescents for whom the Ferree's Group Homes INC. Residential treatment programs are designed, and who will benefit most by the programs, males 9-17 years old at the time of placement. Specifically they are children and adolescents with some of the following behavioral characteristics:


- Assaultive Behavior

-Possible Violence

-Extremely Bizarre Behavior

-Identity Confusion

-Sexual or Physical Abuse


-Severe Depression

-Self-Destructive Behavior

-School Problems


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